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香味炖鸡汤 - Fragrant Chicken Herbal Soup
八珍汤料 - Eight Herbs Tonic Soup
六味汤 - Six Herbs Tonic Soup
补气活血汤 - Qi and Blood Nourishing Soup
人参清补汤 - Ginseng Tonic Soup
润肺雪耳汤 - Lung Tonic Soup
十全大补汤 - Ten Herbs Tonic Soup
四神汤 - Four Herbs Tonic Soup
杜仲补腰汤 - Back Strengthening Tonic Soup
化痰止咳汤 - Phlegm and Cough Relief Soup
灵芝安神助眠汤 - Lingzhi nourishing soup
何首乌养颜乌发汤 - Beautifying Decoction
野生桑黄养生汤 - Wild Sang Huang Decoction
肉苁蓉杜仲补腰汤 - Waist Nourishing Decoction
Dragon Horse Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh - 龙马潮州肉骨茶Dragon Horse Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh - 龙马潮州肉骨茶

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