Dragon Horse 龍馬 have been operating at Albert Centre for more than 40 years. We currently have 2 outlets, Tan Sum Joo Provision Shop which is located in Albert Centre and Joo Huat Trading which is located in Fu Lu Shou Complex.

Retailing in traditional Chinese ingredients, for example, Bird Nests, Abalone, Scallops, Sea Cucumbers, Mushrooms, Chinese herbs, Nuts, Dried Seafood, Preserved Food and etc.

We are an old school shop aiming to keep up with the advancement of technology while maintaining our heritage.
In the current digital age, any information on Chinese Traditional ingredients can be found on the internet. We at Dragon Horse 龍馬 seek to keep up with what’s popular and beneficial products for our customers.
While bringing you the latest trends/products, we will still continue our company’s belief in providing quality products and good services at a reasonable and affordable price.