Confinement Herbal Bath

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Each Box contains 10 packets ( 2 Sachets Bags per packet ).


  • 布惊籽 Negundo Chastetree Fruit 50%

  • 艾叶 Balsamiferou Blumea Herb 18%

  • 姜未 Ginger Powder 15%

  • 薄荷叶 Peppermint 5%

  • 紫苏叶 Perilla 12%


For showering of whole body including hair: Use 2 sachets
For wiping body and washing hands: Use 1 sachet

Place sachet bags into a pot of water, boil it for roughly 18 minutes. Pour the bath water into a bigger pail, add in warm tap water till desired amount.

Wash while the water is still warm. 

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